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Welcome to Couching Lion Maple Sugar Farm

A bird friendly sugarbush!

Stewardship of our beautiful sugarbush is important to us and our forest management practices reflect an appreciation for native wildlife. We’re pleased to be designated as a bird-friendly sugarbush by Audubon of Vermont!

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We offer a variety of small batch maple products. Everything from to specialty items like Maple Sugar Spice and Maple Granulated Sugar.

Our farm is named for Vermont’s iconic mountain, Camel’s Hump

Chaska’s grandparents, Jack and Jane Handy, moved to Huntington in 1975. They fell in love with a piece of land at the end of a long, barely passable, dirt road. Family members recall thinking this was a crazy endeavor . . . 


Spiced Maple Sugar Apple Butter

Spiced Maple Sugar Apple Butter It’s fall in Vermont and that means fresh apples! We love picking apples at the local orchard, as well as experimenting with the wild varieties that grow around our farm. Macintosh and Cortland are two of the most common and readily available apple cultivars. However, the Northeast is actually home…

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This is the best Maple syrup I’ve ever tasted and my kids agree 100%. It’s made the old Vermont way, by simmering the sap over a wood fire, so it’s natural and there’s no byproducts from processing like in almost all commercial syrups. I’m a huge fan and I use it in detox juicing as well as baking and candy making (at Christmas).

Shipping is fast and in my experience always includes a seasonal touch like a spring of spruce around the holidays or some dried maple leaves in fall. 

Try this and you will become a lifelong customer!! The small business is family run and their operation is bird friendly so you know your dollars are going to a good place. Five stars!!!!

-Juniper K

Hi Chaska and Matt,

I just wanted to thank you for all the information about your sugaring process, and care of the forest itself. It’s nice to know you take care of the environment as part of the process.

I had been curious about how you get your unique and consistent flavor and all of my friends have remarked on that. I’ve bought a lot of gift sized jars to give away and I also use your syrup is my granola-my grandkids love it!

Many thanks for your great product.

A satisfied customer,
Amy Handy

Amy, that syrup from Huntington is delicious!!.  I just had some on some buckwheat pancakes; Yummo!  We’ve always preferred that dark and “robust” flavor, what used to be called Vermont Grade B.  Thank you so much!

-Andrew Jackson

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