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Our chocolate sauce marries the goodness of our bird friendly maple syrup and maple sugar with 100% chocolate from Zorzal Cacao in the Dominican Republic. This chocolate is special in flavor and origin. Zorzal Cacao is part of a 1,019 acre bird sanctuary located in the northern mountains of the Dominican Republic. The rare Bicknell’s Thrush is a tiny songbird bird who summers in Vermont’s northern mountains and winters in the mountains of Zorzal. What could be better than a delicious chocolate treat created with ingredients sourced from bird friendly forests?

Ingredients: Couching Lion maple syrup, Couching Lion maple sugar, Zorzal cacao, heavy cream, butter, sea salt, vanilla.

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2 reviews for Maple Sugar Chocolate Sauce

  1. Amy Handy

    Hi Chaska and Matt! I can’t express how much I loved reading your August newsletter! I felt I was right there among fruit trees, walks with Archie, Matt’s preparing for the wood fired syrup this winter/spring, bees and fields of flowers.
    I was privileged to taste your Maple Sugar Chocolate Sauce last week. I just need to be the first to review it. It it incredibly creamy, thick, and flavorful ( hints of maple behind the special South American chocolate), and has an almost mystical connection between birds in your sugarbush and their winter migratory home where the cocoa beans that go into the sauce are grown. You’re really bringing the natural world together in this sauce. While I tasted it off a spoon, I am sure it would be incredible over vanilla ice cream. Among other flavors.
    Thanks for keeping us all posted on what you’re doing up there at Couching Lion Maple Sugar Farm.

  2. Amy Handy

    Five stars for this incredible chocolate sauce. I have tasted many chocolate sauces in my day and this one is the winner. The maple sugar flavor is deliciously subtle as it backs up the creamy, rich chocolate- all chocolates are not the same and this one is not acidic or bitter as are many American chocolates . I tasted this on a spoon so can only guess how heavenly it will taste on ice cream. I love the chocolate even more for its mystical connection With the Bicknell’s thrush who live right here in the Couching Lion woods all summer and amazingly, in the Zorzal mountains of the Dominican Republic, where the cacao comes from, in the winter. What serendipity.
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